The n8 touch Concept

N8tures Therapy Centers

N8tures Therapy Centers were designed as a wellness center for the future, combining a spa-like feeling and atmosphere with the benefits of massage and chiropractic services.

N8tures Therapy Centers include:

N8tures Therapy Centers Chiropractors can now embrace a new trend of no appointment necessary practices with the ability to provide a no appointment necessary chair massage at the same time.

N8tures Therapy Centers allow chiropractors to enjoy a whole new business model. They give chiropractors the opportunity to tap into a whole new clientéle with new marketing strategies produced by the n8 touch team.


Relaxst8tions2go No appointment needed chair massages at special events, such as sporting events, marathons, concerts, and all types of large gatherings.

The relaxst8tion2go franchise is perfect for those who enjoy having a changing working environment, rather than going to work at the same location everyday. This business opportunity allows you to use your sales skills, interact with large corporate clients, locate special events and do a large number of chair massages in a short period of time.


Relaxst8tions are designed as a wellness and stress reduction centers for the masses. As life becomes more hectic, it is necessary to find moments of relaxation.

Relaxst8tions are:


Chiropractors who purchase a relaxst8tion in their area can now locate and meet new clientéle who would not normally walk into a chiropractic office.